Návštěvní kniha


ria 20:41:34 26.06.2016
Thank you for your faithful visits during holidays in Portugal. Many dear greetings, good night

Diana 12:49:16 26.06.2016

Hallo lieverdjes ik wens jullie een fijne zondag
Lieve groetjes dikke knuffel Diana

Wilfried Peters 12:45:54 26.06.2016
Hallöli liebe Dasa.
"Wem die Stunde schlägt!"

Dasha24 10:14:39 26.06.2016

Friendship is not for sale,
can not be found on a dirt mound.
So appreciate in your life,
if it is given to you.
I say this without sorrow,
straight from my heart.
Greetings Dasha

we opened a new blog
A look can always come and take
Everyone is welcome
of me and my mommy
( Dasha 24 and Stil verdriet )

Stil Verdriet 16:52:02 25.06.2016

If dreams were flowers
That would last forever
I picked the most beautiful
To send to you
Greetings Carine

Diana 12:24:48 25.06.2016

Hallo lieverdjes ik wens jullie een fijn weekend
Lieve groetjes dikke knuffel Diana

Iveta64 08:16:35 25.06.2016
Krásný víkend moje milá Dášenko

Claire 19:24:46 24.06.2016
Hi dear Dasa,
A fine Friday night and a nice and sunny weekends I come you desire and many dear greetings from Claire.

Diana 13:41:27 24.06.2016
Ik wens jullie een fijne dag lieverdjes
Lieve groetjes dikke knuffel Diana

Erika 09:57:38 24.06.2016
Ahojky milá Dášenko přeji kouzelný teplý víkend Erika

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