Stil Verdriet Reagovat title= 01:08:58 26.12.2016
Hello my dears
Holidays full of warmth,
and cosiness,
a year of happiness
with a lot of time to enjoy
the finer things of life
Happy Holidays
Greetings Carine

bohanka Reagovat title= 00:24:13 21.12.2016


Iveta Reagovat title= 09:41:56 25.01.2016

Jindra Reagovat title= 17:31:35 28.11.2015
Ahoj Ivetko,přeji Ti

Grace Reagovat title= 21:56:11 24.12.2014
Dear Iveta.
I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Baby Jesus about to be born give you peace, serenity and joy in the hearts.
Love from Grace

Grace Reagovat title= 00:25:18 17.12.2014
Every year Christmas comes knocking on our hearts, to remind us that love is the greatest gift that you can give all the days of your life.

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