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Samira: Are you planning to find a job here?
chrys: how far is from Bucharest to Kiev in kilometers?and what is the salary minimum of economy? i wait an answer!!!
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.: Golf arrives
Green: hallo josef, you are absolutely right that all the possibilties one could have in Kiev are not developed yet. I think one of the main reasons are that in order to create a touristic or holiday environment people need to invest longterm. Longterm investments are not yet foreseen in Ukraine as the reurn of investment needs to be at once. 100% return of investment are required within one year. This does not work out for golf courts or other leisure structures. the return of money flews very slow
Josef: Dear Paul, great to hear about what you experienced so far! I was already wondering how it comes that Kyiv is - beside being the green city - also a very blue (rich of water) city, but this wonderful ressource is used for nearly nothing. Seems the place you found for renting kajaks or kanus is the only one around. I found the place too, but only guided by a native student. Looks great, facility is in good condition, prices are acceptable, only language skills are reduced to local ones.
beate: Now it seems to be the right time to start golfing again. A friend said that you might have mixed up the golf course. Dear paul can you clarify it.
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